The Truth about Running a Screen Printing Business Successfully

srw4438Are you interested in running a screen printing business? You probably have already dreamed about your expanding line of T-shirts and apparel items that all have been screen printed with your designs and graphics on them.

You could probably even seen an overabundance of customers that have already started wearing your clothes. Can you picture your company placing orders for printing on Anvil T-shirts because of such a high demand for your popular line? Well, that’s all fine and dandy. But, before you start trying to fulfill that dream, here are a few important points that you need to consider first and foremost.

A Realistic View of the Demand

One of the very first things that you need to do is maintain a realistic view of the demand for your designs. Keep in mind that the market is already oversaturated – especially when it comes to graphic tees and apparel. Your company will not be the only one investing in T-shirt printing on Anvil T-shirts or any other type of screen printing for that matter. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are entering this industry with your eyes wide open – ready to face the hardcore reality of tough competition.

Captivating Designs Are Temporary

The design that you have chosen to use for your printing on Anvil T-shirts might appear to be amazing and captivating at first – but you have to pay close attention to the average life expectancy of something fashionable in today’s market. You might have generated a substantial amount of revenue on your leading design – but then notice that your sales plummet suddenly. Perhaps this is because you have placed far too much trust and confidence into that one design. When screen printing on Anvil T-shirts (or any type or brand of shirt for that matter), you need to also have an arsenal of designs in mind that constantly evolve in order to remain captivating. Something that is a hot seller today might become shelf storage tomorrow, so you have to be prepared.

Pay for Professional Help

When it comes to the actual screen printing on Anvil T-shirt and other types of T-shirt printing on Anvil T-shirts, you might be intrigued to cut corners in order to save a little money here and there. Do not allow that to cause you to lose sight over what should be the most important thing – creating a high-quality product that you can offer to your high-quality customer.

There are many custom t-shirt specialists that have been able to build a solid reputation for themselves in this industry today – especially when it comes to giving the customers exactly what they need when they need it the most. Therefore, if you are truly concerned about staying in business and want your company to last long with cashing and burning in this thriving industry, you need to keep these points in mind and trust in the expertise of a solid company to lead you the rest of the way.

The History of Screen Printing

history of screen printing

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Screen-printing is a process that enables experienced individuals and companies to transfer everything from simplistic to intricate designs via a stencil and a mesh-covered frame onto a variety of products, including t-shirts. The results of this process are high quality and durable, and the designs can contain a large quantity of colors. Although most people think that this practice was invented in the 1960s, the reality is that screen-printing traces its roots to the year 960 CE.

Screen Printing: The Early Years

Hand stencils were created almost 41,000 years ago, and this invention was modified in 960 CE in China during the reign of the Song Dynasty. At that time, basic stenciling was converted into an enhanced artistic technique that utilized ink blocking and mesh.

Early examples of screen-printing featured the usage of stencils and waterproof paper as a method for placing a design on silk, and this made the material even more desirable. After all, silk that had even a simple pattern on it stood out, and the upper echelon of society has always looked for ways to differentiate themselves from everyone else. Fortunately, screen printing is now a common and affordable practice that anyone can enjoy.

Andy Warhol’s Influence on Screen Printing

The reason that most people think of the 1960s when the history of screen printing is mentioned is due to the enormous influence that artist Andy Warhol had on this technique. Although artists and developers began experimenting heavily during the early part of the 1900s with all of the possibilities that screen printing offers, it did not become a well-known option until Warhol released his silkscreened Marilyn Diptych in 1962.

This iconic image helped activists learn about screen printing and how helpful it could be with the creation of protest signs, posters and t-shirts. Consumers also took note of the gorgeous graphics that these grassroots activists were able to create and transfer, and this helped lead to the modern screen printing industry. Therefore, it is fair to say that your favorite screen printed shirts would most likely not have been available today if it was not for all of the demonstrations that were held throughout the U.S. in the 60s.

Screen printing has evolved into a very popular method of expression that can be mass-produced, and it is now utilized for everything from commercial products to spreading awareness of current activist movements. Regardless of what purpose you have in mind, screen-printing will allow you to showcase the stunning design work of talented graphic designers who know exactly how to capture the attention of viewers and consumers.

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Please note, this is a non-bias article and I did not receive any incentives for writing this article. I am simply someone that did outreach to this website to post my article hoping I can make a change. I do run my own clothing line and hoping that someone will outreach to me via my twitter in regards to specialist work for them.

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